About This Blog

This blog is about life in my twenties.

This is a confusing time where, for pretty much the first time in our lives, we aren’t given a direct path through life. School is over and we’re just trying to figure out how to survive (and hopefully succeed!).

I’ve done the whole undergrad and post grad thing, so now I’m focusing on landing the career I’ve always wanted (if only I could figure out what that is…). I’ve got some free time on my hands when I’m not job-hunting so I decided to start a blog.

Most of my blog posts will be about things I’m thinking about, where I’m going in life, and things I enjoy.

Posts you can expect:

  • My journey to employment
  • Reviews of books I’ve recently read
  • Travel inspiration
  • Random musings

Feel free to leave comments; any feedback is welcome.


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