10 Things You Do When You’re Unemployed

1. Check your favourite job boards and companies for any new job openings
I get some automatic Current Opportunity emails from some larger companies that I’m interested in, but I also check job boards that are more specific to my career interests (e.g., goodwork.ca and workinculture.ca)
2. Google jobs that are reasonable for you to apply to and bookmark an unrealistic number of jobs upon first glance
This Director of Marketing position looks awesome! I don’t actually need 5-7 years of marketing experience, right?
3. Take a break and browse Facebook
Surely some of my friends are posting about a recent job opening and not just cat videos
4. Tweak your resume and cover letter in order to better target specific jobs, and prepare to apply to job postings
Because I have learned that not everything you’ve done career-wise needs to be put on your resume for every job you apply to e.g., My casual dog-sitting experience will never be relevant for an executive assistant position…unless it’s at a dog kennel or something. That would actually be pretty cool! Maybe I’ll just add that position to my Jobs to Google list.
5. Take a break and browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
6. Eat snacks
It is important to stay properly energized
7. Google jobs that sound cool but are actually nowhere near realistic for you to apply to, or are halfway around the world
a. Personal assistant to a celebrity
b. Professional couch model
c. Chocolate taste-tester
d. Event Coordinator in Madagascar
8. Browse iTunes and download music
A Google search is only as good as its soundtrack
9. Watch Youtube videos
Ummm. Okay, I don’t really have a defense for this one. There is just no way I can justify watching episodes of Tipsy Bartender while I’m trying to find a job.
10. Apply to one or two of your realistic bookmarked jobs
Bam! The day has been productive!

This is meant to be a humorous post. Of course I don’t actually do any social media browsing while I’m looking for a job. That would be silly and such a waste of time. This is serious work and I’m obviously super focused on finding my next job. Instead what I do to procrastinate is write blog posts about procrastinating…